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Company History of GP500 - Glaeser-Kunststoff-Formwerk Vienenburg

Rudolf Glaeser founded the company in 1965 (Vienenburg Germany) after finding adverse air flow conditions on race motorcycles and improving the flow-field which would then allow a higher top speed.

He developed the first enclosed-handle motorcycle fairing, which consisted of hammered aluminum at that time.

From the start, the series production of the plastics was with fiberglass-reinforcement (GFK). This unique invention of the enclosed handle was patented by Rudolf Glaeser which legally protected the replication of this invention by other companies.

Success followed quickly after the police used the enclosed handle for security reasons, firstly only in North Rhine-Westphalia but then on a nation-wide basis and even neighboring European countries. BMW then applied the Glaeser-Fairings to their whole production line resulting in a worldwide distribution.  

It was ensured by the patents that no other manufacturer was able to enter this market. The design underwent the first crash test at Battele-Institute in Frankfurt/Main which clearly demonstrated that this fairing was not only economically and flow-promoting but also much safer for the driver. It was the only one of its kind to demonstrably save lives.

The company also sold to individual customers and expanded quickly and built new manufacturing facilities. Slowly, the company reached its limits due to rapidly increased turnover. 

Many injured motorcyclists sent their thanks uncountable letters, saying that the Glaeser-Fairing has saved their lives.

Acquisition of son Ulrich Glaeser in 1985

In 1985, Rudolf’s son Ulrich Glaeser became manager of the company. He navigated the company on a new successful course. Ulrich introduced the Glaeser-fairing in racing motorcycles with new products and optimized quality in the air flow, appearance and weight. This trend-setting in the production line, attracted Yamaha which quickly fitted Glaeser products for their Yamaha-Cup-Field (GFK). Later, the super sports motorcycles were equipped with carbon-fiber high-tech products that have been supplied by Glaeser and sold worldwide and distributed by Yamaha.

This market exploded to such an extent that orders had to be rejected at some point.

At the same time Ulrich Glaeser also took the opportunity to be a pioneer in the Plexiglas epoch. The first windshield with the aerodynamic increase for the helmet of the driver was developed. The capacities of this company were quickly exhausted, so that a decision was made regarding the production to focus on the upper part of the fairing.



From then on the front shields were exclusively produced for major motorcycle manufacturers. In addition, the front screens were designed for scooters. In the beginning was made mainly for racing. The company was represented in all major race events and our products were showcased.

Unfortunately, the company neglected the production complete fairings which are still missed by many racers, but the market could be easily reached.




Business acquisition in 2002 by (Son) Stefan Glaeser

Due to the sudden death of Ulrich Glaeser, the eldest son Stefan became manager at the end of 2002. The ideal transport links by motorway and proximity to the newly created track in Oschersleben/Sachsen Anhalt was the perfect start to enter the private market for motorcyclists and racers.

This addition to the complete renovation which began in 2001, the factory building was completed, such as the roofs, enclosure, the entire electrical circuit and flooring. In addition, the Glaeser Company was qualified by the German TÜV and therefore it possessed a General-operating-permit (ABE) which was a huge simplification of the buying process for the customer since costly entries at the TÜV were no longer required.

The production has been perfected and is manufactured to this date.

In October of 2011 GP500 moved their operations to the United States and resumed manufacturing and developing new windshields and trend setting ideas that are in the patent process.

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