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Lojack top 5 most stolen motorcycles

LoJack has released the results of their first annual Motorcycle Theft Study that documents facts and trends from LoJack’s stolen motorcycle recovery reports for the calendar year 2006. LoJack-equipped recoveries have enabled police to discover 76 theft rings and recover more then $4.9 million dollars in stolen goods.

According to the study, law enforcement recovered 292 LoJack-equipped stolen motorcycles in 2006 valued at close to $2.8 million and discovered 76 professional theft rings, enabling police to reclaim an additional $2.1 million in other stolen bikes, bike parts, accessories and miscellaneous items. In total, law enforcement recovered more than $4.9 million in stolen assets through tracking LoJack-equipped stolen motorcycles.

This report underscores the fact that organized crime rings view bike theft as a highly lucrative business opportunity and that motorcycle theft is growing along with the popularity of bike riding – which today is at an all time high. Figures released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau earlier this year indicated that more than 70,000 motorcycles were stolen in 2005. In fact, bike theft has risen 135 percent over the past five years. And not surprisingly, the LoJack report indicates that theft is especially high in states including Florida, California and Texas, where the riding season is year-round.

Newer Sport Bikes are the Most Popular Theft Targets

While all motorcycles are vulnerable to theft, the report indicates that the most popular theft targets are the newer sport bikes. Four of the top five stolen/recovered bikes are sport bikes and 87 percent were either 2005 or 2006 models.

Below are the top five stolen motorcycle makes:

1. Suzuki

2. Honda

3. Yamaha

4. Kawasaki

5. Harley-Davidson


LoJack Offers “BikeSmarts” Guide to Theft Protection

In an effort to help inform bike owners of the facts about motorcycle theft and provide theft prevention tips, LoJack offers “BikeSmarts,” a theft protection guide available on LoJack’s Knowledge Center for Vehicle Security at www.lojack.com (click on the “Get the Facts of Vehicle Theft” button).

About the Study

The 2006 LoJack Motorcycle Theft Study is based on state theft statistics and equipment recoveries documented by LoJack in 26 states from January to December 2006. LoJack has been tracking theft/recovery data for the past year and will continue to issue these reports annually to provide the industry with valuable statistics and trend information.


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