Part #            Model                                                                                  Year            Type of windshields available

90000           RS50 Classic-racer                                                           all years                                                Original

Kreidler History

Motorbike manufacturing emerged from the metal works plant founded in 1904 by Anton Kreidler in Stuttgart. In the early 1920s, after finishing his studies at the Technical University in Stuttgart, Alfred Kreidler, son of the company founder, began gaining design experience in Berlin in the automobile industry among others. Following his personal inclination, he designed, built and sold fast motorbikes. They were 350-cm³ bikes with a pushrod motor and an engine power of 12 hp. Not bad for the time. The brand name Pan was located on the fuel tank. Up into the 1980s, Kreidler manufactured mopeds, mokicks, small and light motorbikes with a capacity of between 50 and 80 cm³. Alfred Kreidler began developing motorbikes unter the brand name Kreidler in 1949, after he had taken over the company management in 1942. The first Kreidler in 1951 was a unthrottled motorbike with a 50-cm³ motor and engine power of 2,2 hp, product name K 50. The last new development, an 80-cm³ Kreidler with a horizontal cylinder and “Target Design“ never made it onto the market after the company declared bankruptcy on 12 March 1982 and manufacturing was shut down. The Kreidler brand continued to exist in Kreidler Zweiradgesellschaft. Initially, Garelli mopeds – using tanks from the Kreidler Flory moped – were sold under the Kreidler brand name. In 1986, the company began manufacturing Kreidler bicycles and in 1996, production of motorised bikes was resumed.

Anton Kreidler founds a factory for telegraph wires and cables in Stuttgart.    
  Motorbike manufacturing emerges from Anton Kreidler’s metal works plant.    
  The property is expanded and a pressing plant built.    
  The second World War hits the company hard, resulting in plundering and repairs payments.    
  Development of motorised bikes begins.    
  Kreidler builds the first bike, the K50, and presents it for the first time one year later at the IFMA fair.    
  Cameraman and globetrotter Günter Markert travels around the world on a Kreidler R50 scooter.   
  Product portfolio is revised, the K 50 becoming the most well-known model, the Florett 50.    
  New model Florett Mokick.    
  Kreidler introduces the new small motorised bikes Florett Super and Florett 4-gear.    
  Kreidler establishes the legendary world speed record at the Salt Flats in Utah, USA with the Florett 5-gear: 210,63 km/h.    
  Kreidler becomes World Champion 3 times in the 50s road racing championships: 1971, 1973 and 1974.    
  Kreidler introduces the Flory 12 small moped.    
  The one-millionth vehicle rolls off the production line. Rudolf Kunz becomes a multiple German champion.    
  The world champion’s technology breaks all records! The world record for the 1km flying start is broken by a 50-
ccm motorbike at 221km/h.    
  Kreidler develops the first street-licenced racing  go-kart    
  “Kreidler Europe Motor GmbH” is founded    
  The model Galactica, developed in-house, is presented    
  “Intermot 2008″ in Cologne, presentation of nine new models    
  First electric scooter in Kreidler’s portfolio (RMC-E Hiker “Electro”)

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